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If you are looking for a reliable beauty and skincare services in Malaysia, LINDA TLMC VENTURE may be the answer. The company offers personalised treatments such as aesthetic service, body slimming, eyelash extension, lip blushing, permanent eyeliner embroidery and many more. Our staff focuses on holistic health and customizes procedures to meet the needs of each client.

Besides specialized skills, our beauty technicians focus greatly on communication with clients. We listen to our customers and act on their feedback. Being professional and courteous is another important quality for a skincare specialist. Aside from being pleasant and courteous to clients, our skincare specialists able to handle all kinds of different situations.

Before getting a facial or other skin-care service, it is important to understand what type of skin you have and whether it is sensitive to any chemicals. Some treatments can cause allergies or dermatitis. Before getting a new service, it is important to talk to us about your skin type and current health conditions.
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Our Kuala Lumpur cosmetic clinic, LINDA TLMC VENTURE, provides an almost limitless variety of therapies that preserve Asian beauty standards at the forefront. For instance, we give a broad range of body beautification procedures, offer a variety of face lifting services, and make it simple to comply with the current trend favouring tiny faces with our face slimming treatments.

We also provide operations to alter the appearance of particular facial features, including the eyes. In order to keep you current with one of the newest Asian trends, our widely used double eyelid treatment just requires four stitches.

Try our Botox or UV treatments to get rid of the puffiness and drooping for a more youthful appearance. We don't just employ these for the face, albeit here is where they are frequently used. Your entire body can seem younger with our help!