Face : Round Face 10ml

Do you have round face? Chubby? Chipmunk like cheeks? Or facial fat? And all this is making you feel less confident? This are a stubborn problem and it is impossible to suck in or to do a cover up. Dont worry we have the solution to get rid off all that paunchy and sagging cheeks. Our treatment is dissolving the fat by burning it, and the treatment is not painful. And you will gain back your confident and look younger just within a week after the treatment.

Benefits :
  • Reduce saggy
  • Vshape look
  • Tighten and pointed chin
  • Slim oval face
  • Petite face
  • Younger look
  • Slimmer face
  • Dramatic results

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Normal Price: RM 300
Member Price: RM 240

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